Sunday, November 14, 2010

INTERMISSION (Cont'd): General Cinema

This pre-dates my Mission Twin Theater days, but I fondly remember going to see my first movies as a kid at General Cinema, which, at the date of this post, was a brand name up for auction.

Thinking of General Cinema always makes me think of this little jingle.



  1. Sorry for you loss... Never heard it. Pretty high budget, Tecno-swing music with acid head swirly background, hmmm. The one I always loved was the dancing candy and soda cup singing the jingle "Let's all go to the lobby" encouraging sitting slackers to go purchase some 12 dollar popcorn and 4 dollar soda (both small) after you pawned you car to get your wife and two kids in the door for the latest blockbusted for 46 bucks. (Are those the matinee prices?) Maybe I could have afforded to go to this the-A-ter.

  2. Yeah, Darrin. What theater were YOU in, obviously fighting Richie Rich and Scrooge McDuck for the armrest?

    I hope this ditty stays in your head today. Tell the family hi!

  3. The bejeweled background reminds me of the opening to "Family Affair." Buffy, Jody?