Sunday, November 14, 2010

INTERMISSION (Cont'd): General Cinema

This pre-dates my Mission Twin Theater days, but I fondly remember going to see my first movies as a kid at General Cinema, which, at the date of this post, was a brand name up for auction.

Thinking of General Cinema always makes me think of this little jingle.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

INTERMISSION: Happy Veterans Day, Captain America!

We should all be feeling good about the upcoming Captain America movie.

Much better than the last attempt, which I once rented on the strength of it starring both of Ralphie's parents from A Christmas Story. Don't watch. You'll shoot your eye out.

Anyone remember the pair of 70s Captain America TV movies featuring Reb "Uncommon Valor" Brown?

That guy playing his mentor cracks me up. I want his voice. And Connie "The Greatest American Hero" Sellecca sure likes the dudes in tights. (This comment has nothing to do with her marriage to John Tesh.)

So yes, the next movie has nowhere to go but up. And I have a feeling it will finally do justice to the character. 

Why am I talking about a movie coming out next year? Well, this Veterans Day, I was thinking about Cap, who happened to be instrumental in my early love of comics.

One of the first issues I ever owned came, like Fruit of the Loom, in a 3-pack, begging to be loved and treasured.

It was Marvel Super Action #11, which reprinted the character's origin from Captain America #109.

Hang with me for a moment, and take a look at some of the scenes from a Stan Lee/Jack Kirby masterpiece.

This splash page grabbed me right away. I've always loved the expressions of Kirby's Captain America. It's reminiscent of my brother's smile in almost every photograph he's ever taken. Sort of a mouth-open look of surprise.

I include this for panel 2's "BTANG!" I mean, those Nazi jerks didn't stand a chance.
Now we'll side-step to the origin. Steve Rogers, feeling out of place after decades frozen in a block of ice, tells his friend Nick Fury about how he became Captain America. My granddad would've enjoyed counting his ribs.
Pure Kirby magic here. How could you not fall in love with comics after this? Check out panel 2. Steve isn't liking being bombarded by those invisible vita-rays.

You have to like the heavy-handed dialogue. And the even heavier-handed punch. He knocks the furor out of that guy! And I'm always a fan of the newspaper montage. Okay, we're almost done.
Ah, starry-eyed young Bucky. "Hey! A guy's dressing in here!" No choice now but to make you a sidekick. 
Cap finally finishes his tale to Nick, who looks nothing like Samuel L. Jackson, yet we're willing to accept this.

The bigger question:  Shall Captain America live? He's already been killed-off once in the comics in recent years.

I think the new movie is going to be huge for this character. He's needed again.

Happy Veterans Day to a make-believe hero, and to all you real-life heroes.