Friday, September 11, 2009

INTERMISSION: Awkward Facebook Encounters For Movie Characters

Which movie characters would have the most awkward time on Facebook? Here are just a few that come to mind.

The ex-fiancé who married someone else while you were struggling for your very survival on a deserted island for four years.

Poor Chuck Noland from Castaway (2000). You survive a devastating plane crash, face unimaginable loneliness on a deserted island, and undergo a seemingly endless fight for your very survival. And you make it home!

But then, while painstakingly attempting to rebuild your life, you reluctantly get on facebook and have a continuous "Friend Suggestion" be the woman who married another man because she thought you were dead? Awkward.

The astronaut whose fellow crewmen you killed, who apparently has no hard feelings after being transformed into a freaky alien “Star Child.”

Um ... "Sorry, Dave. I can't do that"?

Jason as a "Friend Suggestion" ...
When you're Freddy.
Maybe somebody they both know thinks they should "bury the hatchet." (Sorry). You gotta wonder who their mutual friends are.

Movies from my mission (see About Me) referenced here: 2010 (1984). A great film from a fun year. So it wasn't directed by Kubrick. And Tom Hanks hates it. I'm always glad to see this one get some respect. Watch it on blu-ray and be impressed. A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984). More on this one later.