Monday, May 2, 2011

INTERMISSION: What's Playing At The Mission, 1985

I'll get back to looking at ALL the movies I saw at this theater, but for the moment, it seems appropriate to continue the tribute to its closing (sniff).

On March 1, 2011, after close to 100 years, The Mission Theater closed its doors.

At this writing, it's in the middle of being converted into Hillside Christian Church. As the town newspaper pointed out—it has another mission.

The more I read about Don Gilbert, its longtime owner, the more I admire him. Here's a glimpse at his marketing genius:  a "Show Calendar."

Published every six weeks, most town folk would put this on their refrigerator. Don would mail one to you if you were on his list, or you could pick it up at the ticket window inside the theater (which is what I always did).

But he'd make for dang sure you didn't already have one first.

Here's what was showing from October 18 thru November 28, 1985. 

Yes, I kept one.

I wish I'd kept them all.