Tuesday, September 21, 2010

D.C. Cab (1983) - (Get ready to pity a fool.)

What was the first R-rated movie you saw at the theater? 

I'm sad to admit that mine was about "a hapless group of cabbies," starring Mr. T, Adam Baldwin and Oscar nominee Gary Busey.

Yes, Gary Busey has been nominated for an Oscar. If that doesn't make you want to invest in head shots and acting lessons, then just keep reading the Internet.

I wonder if Mr. T. would be appalled today, knowing that a film he was in has this distinction in my life?

Funny, I don't remember anything about this movie. I was going to watch it again, but Netflix repeatedly kicked it out of the queue, insisting I "try reading a book."

Why did I want to see D.C. Cab? It had to have been for the freedom of doing so. Most of my friends had been watching R-rated fare on HBO for 14 hours a day since 1979, previewing the sex and violence for their parents.

My folks, on the other hand, had to be begged into the notion. And this is the one they caved on.

A good policy from The Mission Twins Theater:  If you were underage, you had to bring a note from your parents to get in. My note said:

"Please admit our son, Tim, to see the Mr. T. picture. If he wants to waste the money he earned mowing lawns in 104-degree heat so he can hear foul language and watch people crash into things, then that's his business."

Again, I'll bet the infinitely better The Right Stuff was playing next door, and I was too busy wondering if the giant Mr. T. depicted on the poster could beat Mothra.

That poster once again.
It's a nice illustration, by the way. Proof that even the great artist Drew Struzan sometimes just took a paycheck.

I blame Struzan for me wanting to see it. Something must've subconsciously made me think it would be a comedy of epic proportions, worthy of the man's talents who illustrated posters for George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

Sadly, I'm now thinking about mowing lawns for money so I can buy this sweet D.C. Cab poster.

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